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Industry-leading collaborative work management software

Mindjet provides collaborative work management software to help professionals act upon ideas and information to drive productivity, effectiveness, and innovation. Mindjet software offers information mapping as well as cloud-based applications that incorporate Mindjet’s visualization technology to improve the usability of leading business applications, such as Microsoft Office ®, SharePoint®, and Microsoft’s Yammer.

Partner with us to grow your business and see why Gartner, Inc. named Mindjet a “Cool Vendor in Project and Program Management.” And very recently, Mindjet was named “Hot Vendors in Content Management, Collaboration and Authoring” in the Aragon Research 2012 report.

When evaluating new vendor partners, executives face the challenge of managing revenue growth while integrat­ing new software solutions, which can drive new markets.

    • What is the market opportunity?

    There is little question that demand for collaborative software will grow in the coming years. Organizations continue to implement products for improved collaboration and communication not only for their employees, but also with their customers.  In a recent report by Forrester Research, the market place for social enterprise applications is estimated to grow to $6.4 by 2016.

    • How is Mindjet different?

    • Mindjet delivers immediate value to your customers. Unlike solutions that are strictly social-based, teams that rely on working together effectively and efficiently adopt Mindjet.
    • Over 38% of our users say they work with others on task management and 45% say they work with others on project planning.
    • Mindjet’s on-premise server lets people with shared goals get more done using the file storage, user access control, task and calendar management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. And because it leverages the customer’s existing SharePoint environment, IT has all of the security and privacy controls they need.
    • Mindjet has a low threshold of participation because our software can be used with no training, yet can provide guidance for more advanced uses with minimal training.
    • Mindjet can work with clients informally (sales) or formally (professional services) on brainstorming, business mapping, process optimization, and project benchmarking.
      (Source: Mindjet User Survey, June, 2012)

    While the growth of collaborative applications has stirred considerable industry buzz, many of the solutions available fall short of providing tangible value to their customers. Ironically these tools can hinder productivity. A common response from users of general enterprise social tools is "I’m not sure what to do with this or how it helps me." The key to deriving value is enabling business processes as well as improving both team and individual productivity.

    Over 83% of the Fortune 500 is already using Mindjet solutions yet there is substantial upside to grow the number of users within those enterprises. With simple UI capabilities and integration with the Microsoft Office Suite as well as SharePoint, adoption is simple, knowledge transfer is easy, and deployment costs are minimal.

    • Does it complement what I sell?

    You are likely selling enterprise applications that improve productivity in a number of ways. Mindjet compliments what you sell as our collaboration software unites project planning and task management - activities common to any enterprise. There are many reasons for the growing adoption of socially collaborative applications.

    Some of these include:

    • Consumerization of IT

      • 65% of companies are deploying at least one social software tool
      • Empower employees to make decisions lower in the corporate hierarchy
    • Multi-generational workforce

      • One million Millennials enter the workforce every year
      • Collaboration and sharing is the norm
      • The ongoing adoption of working in the cloud
      • 80% of large enterprises are at least in trial stages with a cloud solution
    • Desire to save costs for on-premise software

      • 75% of a typical IT budget is spent on running software licensing
      • Collaborative and social tools are increasing in adoption
      • For market leaders that adopt Web 2.0 tools, 27% report they are more likely to gain market share and have higher profit margins
        Sources: Share Conference, McKinsey Spring 2011 Report

    Mindjet Delivers.

    Whether your clients are working in the cloud, behind the firewall, from their desktop, or via mobile, Mindjet has a solution to provide collaborative task management to any organization.

    • Does it increase my business? Mindjet Partner Opportunity - or, How can MJ increase my revenues?

    • Healthy product margins
    • Simple, project-oriented sales and implementation model
    • Extension of SharePoint expertise with no increased headcount
    • Integrated Mindjet solutions
      • Desktop
      • Cloud
      • SharePoint solutions
    • Proven products that provide you with the competitive differentiation
    • Over two million users and one million mobile users in our customer base
    • A range of partnership types enables you to choose one that suits your needs